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Producing world-class theater with award-winning artists such as Jack Klugman, Paul Dooley, Rosemary Harris, Richard Shiff, Amy Irving, Marlo Thomas, Dan Lauria and many more – is only possible through the dedicated support of hundreds of individual donors. 

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To learn more about exclusive donor benefits, please contact development@georgestplayhouse.org, or 732-846-2895 ext 144.

George Street Playhouse gratefully acknowledges the generosity of the many individuals, corporations, foundations, organizations and government agencies whose annual gifts play a significant role in our mission to produce world-class theatre, and to bring the power of theatre education programs to more than 40,000 students each year.

Impresarios ($50,000 and Above)

Sharon Karmazin
David Saint

Producing Directors ($20,000 - $49,999)

Steven and Susan Darien
James N. Heston
Betty Wold Johnson
Roger and Claire Pratt
Arthur and Elizabeth Roswell
Ralph W. Voorhees

Executive Producers ($10,000 - $19,999)

Georg and Joyce Albers-Schonberg
Syd Blatt
Paddy Briglio
Robert and Joan Campbell
Jean Cheever
William V. Engel
Ken and Joanne Fisher
William and Diane Hagaman
Regina and John Heldrich
Stephen and Gabi Vajtay
Anthony and Marlene Volpe

Producers ($5,000 - $9,999)

Laura Z. Baron
Roger Berlind
Bob and Elaine Ciatto
Peter Jewell and Fred Eisinger
Jane D. Engel
Stephen Jones
Jonathan Lomma
Duncan and Nancy MacMillan
Norman and Dorothy Politziner
Jocelyn and Herman Schwartzman
Lora and Bill Tremayne
Alan Voorhees
Adelaide M. Zagoren

Co-Producers ($2,500 - $4,999)

Michael and Isa Beck

Ronald and Lois Bleich
Al and Marylou D’Augusta
In Honor of the Edith and George DeVoe Foundation
David Greene
Ed and Mary Hartnett
Carol Hila
Ruth Anne Kurkjian
Leonard and Barbara Littman
David and Rita Paszamant

Associate Producers ($1,000 - $2,499)

Adele Blumberg
Walter Bradhering and Daniel Kluchinski
Robert and Joan Bramson
Stuart Brown and Ellen Ozur
Helen Brudner
Joe and Carol Ciorciari
Michael and Barbara Cronin
Alice DeVoe
Paul and Barbara Eggermann
Suzanne Engel
Dave and Lyn Fasanella
John and Jennie Fischer
Susan Forman and Richard Lehne
Judith Gardner
Natasha Gregson Wagner
John and Clara Grosso
James Hancock
Alexandra Harris-Millroy and Family in Memory of Victor Harris
Jean Holtz
William and Joyce Jonat
Stephen Jones
Norma Kaplan
Honorable Thomas H. Kean
Floyd and Joan Krengel
Phil and Mindy Kirstein
Bebe and Peter Landis
Joel and Laura Leizer
Paige and Nicky L’Hommedieu
Dean B. and Laura Livingston
Andrew and Pamela Lovasz
Anna Lustenberg
Judith A. McDowell
Sigmund and Lisa Molis
David Hyde Pierce
Joan Rechnitz
Adrienne and Andrew Ross
Meyer and Lynn Sapoff
Joel Schwartz
Mark Sherman
Senator Bob Smith
Roger Smith and Patricia Schneider
Margaret Velden
Bob Virgadamo
Caroline S. and F. Helmut Weymar
Ed and Nancy Winant
George and Michele Wolansky

Partners($500 - $999)

Joan Appleson
Frank and Daryl Barker
Regina Belowsky
Mayor and Mrs. James Cahill
Thomas H. Campbell
William Conger
Mary Ann DeSantis
Frederick and Kate Egenolf
Orlando and Holly Esposito
Arthur and Jane Factor
Barry and Bobbi Freedman
Susan Garruto
Arthur Gelfand
Alvin and Joyce Glasgold
Robert and Julie Goldstein
William J. Hamilton
Beth and Martin Hammer
Elizabeth and James Hance
Richard L. and Nancy Hines
Jeffrey and Susan Hyman
Jeffrey and Kathleen Jackson
Karen and Ronald Joho
Robert E. Kahle
Laurie Kamhi
Charles T. and Ruth Larsson
Penelope Lattimer
Nancy and Arthur Lee
Michael Levine
Noah Levy
Lee Livingston
Emily Lyssikatos
Ellen Martin
Daphne and Steven Mishkin
Ira Novak and Lisa Goldstein
Jonathan and Lisa Ostroff
Ted and Mary Petti
Robert and Ann Rafano
Steven Rifkin and Merle Soroco
Bernard A. Rineberg
Juliann Shalack
Barbara and Howard Sorkin
Herbert Stolzer
Joan Vail Thorne
Allan N. Williams
Richard and Nickie Wolff

Backers ($250 - $499)

Martin Abschutz
Edward S. Atwater IV
Peggy Barbella-Fitzsimmons
W. John Bauer
Amy and Peter Bellisano
Jack and Adele Borrus
Mr. and Mrs. Terrill Brenner
D’Maris and Joseph Dempsey
Lynette Durko
Dina Elkins – In Honor of Sharon Karmazin’s Birthday
Richard and Nancy Engle
Elaine M. and Bill Flynn
Cherie Forchette
Dorothy and Roger Frank
Stephen and Elaine Friedman
Mike and Lor Gehret
Hugo and Midge Golin
Marc Gonzer
Roy and Elizabeth Gotta
David Greene
Dorothy Guarniero
Irwin and Denise Hametz
Bob and Kelsey Hamilton
John K. Harris
Evelyn Hartmann
Robert Hartmann
Nathaniel and Valerie Hartshorne
Patricia M. Hastings
George and Dorothy Heinze
Claude and Jean Heller
Robert Henry
Shirley Herz
Jane McCallister James
Mark Jones
Matt Kassoff
Jeanne Kavanaugh
Sandra Kenney
Anthony and Rose Lo Castro
Kathy Mattingly
Richard McAdams
Wendy McCahill and Gina Genovese
Mary Ann McLaughlin
Charles and Laura Merkel
W. Peter Metz
Walter Mihm
Carol Natarelli
Brenda Overcash and Thomas West
Gloria Packer
Ruth Marcus Patt
Barry and Mona Portnoy
Michael and Marion Portnoy
Joseph and Bethany Potenza
Jonathan and Bethany Rabinowitz
Irv Roberts
Marshall and Marie Rosen
Karen Ross
Alan and Dianna Rothschild
Rita Saltz
Martha Santiuste
Ken Schurzky
The Spychalski Family
Nina Stack
Renee Troiano and Daniel Ogilvie
Blanquita Valenti
Walter and Mary Voytus
Larry Weitzner

Angels ($100 - $249)

David Alberts
Mr. and Mrs. Gabe Amatucci
Thomas and Carol Arnold
Roz and Marv Auerbach
Ellen and Gary Bailin
John and Isabelle Baker
Janice Ballou in Memory of Jill Polymeropoulos
Jane Bealer
Ellen Berman
Mr. and Mrs. Herbert Bertine
Alan and Susan Blanchette
Gil and Moriah Blitz
Russell and Nancy Block
Linda Bolin
Shelley Brankner
Wayne and Gretchen Braunwarth
Marvin Brauth
Marc and Gail Bressler
Anthony Bruno
Jim and Joanne Bunce
Judith Burgis
Theodore and Linda Choplick
Arthur and Barbara Cohen
Emily Cohen
Marjorie Cohen
Donald B. Cook
Mark Corso
Natalie Darwin
Jeff and Nancy Davis
Dean Dent and Anita Spivey
Madeline Detalvo **
Richard and Ellen Diamond
David Drinkwater
Andrew Duffy
Katherine Dulan
Willard and Margaret Eldred
Joe Ercolino
Paulette Ewert
Denise Fehrenbach
Irwin and Paula Feifer
David Feigley
S. Ashby and Gail Foote
Steven Frakt and Marlaine Lockheed
Sheldon and Barbara Freidenreich
David and Stacey Garfield
Elizabeth Garlatti
Stephen Garvey
Eric and Susan Goldman
Albert and Barbara Goldstein
Marjorie and Bruce Goldstein
George and Janet Gordon
Joel and Marlene Gordon
Jacqueline Grabine
Arlene Greenberg
Bruce Greenberg and Deborah Berman
Michael and Judy Greenwood
Margaret Grove
Mark Gruber
Elizabeth Hahn
Robert Hanna
Mr. and Mrs. James Hastings
Lucille Heller
Joel and Ellen Henkin
Shelbey Wells and Deborah Herman
Nathan and Sally Hindes
Blanche Hoffman
Laura and James Holdsworth
Frederick and Eileen Holt
John and Ann Holt
Mr. and Mrs. Charles Hoover
Joyce Horwitz
Robert and Bernice Howatt
Rachel and Jeff Humphrey
Edna Ingold
Janice C. Johnson
Lynn and Ed Josell
Doris Kahn
Mark and Maxine Kasdin
Donald and Elisabeth King
Marge Kowalek
Mr. and Mrs. John P. Khouri
Len and Phyllis Kopf
Joseph and Sharon Kosmo
Holly and David Kotler
Alex Kucsma
Boris Kupershteyn
Robert and Heddy Ladinsky
Nora Lambert
Evelyn Lander
Julia Lea
Ann and John Lech
Kathleen Lehr
Dorie M. and Bruce R. Levin
Philip and Rita Levy
Craig and Stephanie Lewis
Victoria Leyton in Memory of Gerard Natarelli
David Lieberfarb
Irene Lieberman
Milton and Bobbi Loeb
William and Betty Lott
Robert and Rhoda Lowenstein
Marilyn Malik
Mr. and Mrs. Robert Margolies
Robert and Barbara Martalus
Mary McDermott
Dorothy McWatters
Kathleen McWatters
Jack and Susan Meola
Joanne Mieszkowski
Jerry Milionis
Joan and Rabbi Bennett Miller
Irwin and Michele Millinger
Mr. and Mrs. John T. Morgan
Thomas and Margaret Muldowney
Judith Musicant
Barbara and Kurt Nathan
Bruce and Rochelle Newman
Debbie Newman
Francis and Anne Nicastro
Ernest and Margaret Nolan
Eleanor Orent
Anita and Harry Paborsky
Gloria Packer
Michael and Virginia Palmer
Glenn and Judy Parker
Kimberly and Gregory Parris
Harry and Margaret Perrin
Patrizia Perugia
Grace C. Phillips
Joan and Robert Pisuk
Melvin Polisher
Gerald and Marlene Pomper
Joan Pritchard
Sylvia and Norbert Psuty
Charlotte Quaintance
Ellen Rebarber
Lena Repousis
Anna Rice
Beverly and Ronald Riddick
Alberto and Alene Rivas
Ellen Rockmaker
Jerry and Naomi Rose
Buena Rosenbloom
Karen Ross
Karen Satterthwaite
Barbara Schafer
Mary Scott
Mr. and Mrs. Michael Seletsky
Arthur and Carolyn Sherbin
Michael and Victoria Shernicoff
Sheldon and Karen Singer
David Smith
Roger Smith and Patricia Schneider
Christine Sohn
Frank Sonnenberg and Kathleen Larkin
Cecile Spector
Robert and Patricia Spencer
Lillian Swickle
Alan and Esther Tannenhaus
Herbert and Mildred Tanzman
Goldie Taub
Cynthia Tewes
Donald Thomas
Sidney Toby
Cecilia Tyler
Herman and Adele Urowsky
Eugene and Ruth Varney
Thomas and Susan Walker
Janice Warner
A. and B. Warton
Barbara Westergaard
Philip and Rebecca Witt
Anita Wolfson
Michael and Mindy Wolfson
Richard Zucker and Susan Rivkind

Friends ($35 - $99)

Joanne Marino
Lewis and Adrienne Weissman
Norman Diamond
Patricia Zdroik
David Feller
Joe Ercolino
Lewis and Adaline Bloom
Gerald and Peggy Baker
Edward and Vivian Beenstock
Phyllis Krauss

Arthur Laurents Memorial Fund

Lauren Bacall
Roger Berlind
Ronald and Lois Bleich
Paddy Briglio
Joe DiPietro
Orlando and Holly Esposito
Freddie and Myrna Gershon
David Greene
David Hatcher
Marcia Hefter
Shirley Herz
James N. Heston
Winifred Holzman and Paul Dooley
Betty Wold Johnson
Sharon Karmazin
Honorable Thomas H. Kean
Jonathan Lomma
Judith A. McDowell
Anne Meara and Jerry Stiller
Karen Price
David Saint
Jocelyn Schwartzman
Stephen Sondheim
The Streisand Foundation
Lora Tremayne
Ralph W. Voorhees
Natasha Gregson Wagner
George and Michele Wolansky

** Sustaining member


George Street Playhouse, photo by Frank Wojciechowski

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