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Kelly Ryman, Managing Director, 732-846-2895 x121
Karen Price, Business Manager, 732-846-2895 x122
Mark Kieran, Director of Technology, 732-846-2895 x127
Joel Schwartz, Volunteer Coordinator, 732-846-2895 x220


David Saint, Artistic Director, 732-846-2895
Scott Goldman, Producing Associate, 732-846-2895 x110


Steven M. Barry, Assistant Director of Development 732-846-2895 x144
Jacqueline Brendel, Manager of Institutional Relations 732-846-2895 x143


Jim Jack, Director of Education, 732-846-2895 x114
Christa Cillaroto, Manager of School-Based Programs, 732-846-2895 x115
Diana Gundacker, Education Associate 732-846-2895 x117


Christopher Howatt, Director of Marketing & Public Relations, 732-846-2895 x133
Mark Kieran, Graphic Designer/Marketing Associate, 732-846-2895 x132
Jaci D'Ulisse Group Sales and Marketing Associate 732-846-2895 x134
Janet Tappen, Director of Patron Services, 732-846-2895 x162
Shakera Blakney, Associate Director of Patron Services, 732-846-2895 x161
Jackie Brady, Patron Relations Associate, 732-846-2895 x155
Box Office, 732-246-7717
House Management/Lost and Found, 732-846-2895 x135


Christopher J. Bailey, Production Manager, 732-846-2895 x178
Kimberly Lewis, Company Manager, 732-846-2895 x177
Karen Cahill, Properties Manager, 732-846-2895 x175
Mary Gragen, Assistant Properties Manager, 732-846-2895 x174
Esther Arroyo, Costume Shop Manager, 732-846-2895 x176
Stage Management, 732-846-2895 x172
Scene Shop, 732-846-0715
Jonathan Zencheck, Technical Director,732-846-0715
Marc Vogt, Assistant Technical Director, 732-846-0715
Matthew Ward, Master Carpenter
Ren Roberts, Carpenter
Tommy Williamson, Carpenter
James Hancocks, Scenic Charge, 732-846-0715

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Bob Ari in Red, photo by T. Charles Erickson

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