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Kelly Ryman, Managing Director, 732-846-2895 x121
Karen Price, Business Manager, 732-846-2895 x122
Mark Kieran, Director of Technology, 732-846-2895 x127
Joel Schwartz, Volunteer Coordinator, 732-846-2895 x220


David Saint, Artistic Director, 732-846-2895
Scott Goldman, Producing Associate, 732-846-2895 x110


Danielle Kline, Director of Development 732-846-2895 x141
Steven M. Barry, Assistant Director of Development 732-846-2895 x144
Jacqueline Brendel, Manager of Institutional Relations 732-846-2895 x143
Christopher Antoine, Development Associate 732-846-2895 x145


Jim Jack, Director of Education, 732-846-2895 x114
Christa Cillaroto, Manager of School-Based Programs, 732-846-2895 x115
Diana Gundacker, Education Associate 732-846-2895 x117


Christopher Howatt, Director of Marketing & Public Relations, 732-846-2895 x131
Brian Kelley, Marketing and PR Associate 732-846-2895 x133
Mark Kieran, Graphic Designer/Marketing Associate, 732-846-2895 x132
Jaci D'Ulisse Group Sales and Marketing Associate 732-846-2895 x134
Janet Tappen, Director of Patron Services, 732-846-2895 x162
Shakera Blakney, Associate Director of Patron Services, 732-846-2895 x161
Jackie Brady, Patron Relations Associate, 732-846-2895 x155
Box Office, 732-246-7717
House Management/Lost and Found, 732-846-2895 x135


Christopher J. Bailey, Production Manager, 732-846-2895 x178
Megan Cherry, Company Manager, 732-846-2895 x177
Karen Cahill-Molitor, Properties Manager, 732-846-2895 x175
Mary Gragen, Assistant Properties Manager, 732-846-2895 x174
Esther Arroyo, Costume Shop Manager, 732-846-2895 x176
Stage Management, 732-846-2895 x172
Scene Shop, 732-846-0715
Mark Vogt, Technical Director,732-846-0715
Matt Schmutz, Assistant Technical Director, 732-846-0715
Ren Roberts, Master Carpenter
Tommy Williamson, Lighting Console Operator
Frank Giamella, Carpenter
TJ Hansen, Carpenter
Ted Crimy, Sound Engineer
Andre Penn, Deck Hand
Whitney Jones, Master Electrician
James Hancocks, Scenic Charge, 732-846-0715

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Bob Ari in Red, photo by T. Charles Erickson

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