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Attending one of George Street Playhouse’s Student Matinees is a wonderful opportunity for students to come to a professional, regional theatre, watch an engaging production, and have a fun field trip while they’re at it!

Attend one of our Touring Theatre performances here at the Playhouse and fulfill the students’ state-mandated requirement to watch live theatre. Each play comes with a comprehensive post-play workshop that fosters critical thinking and allows students to investigate the issues and themes of the play.

Arranging a class trip to GSP in New Brunswick has never been easier. Our specially priced student matinees are designed to accommodate any size student group.  Teacher and student study guides are available with a host of support mateirals to enhance student learning. For an additional fee, we offer classroom residencies focused around the themes of each play.

Matinee Performance Prices 
All student matinee tickets are $12

One chaperone ticket will be provided for every 15 students. 
Contact Diana at 732-846-2895 ext. 117 or email education@georgestplayhouse.org to book your class trip to GSP!

Gabi Goes Green

our newest commission on the environment. Premiering March 2015!

Monday, March 30, 2015 - 10:00am and 12:00pm

Glaciers are melting. Oceans are rising. Hurricanes, fires, floods and droughts are sweeping the globe. Captain Carbon has been busy leading the way for the changes in climate that threaten to destroy our planet. Is there no one who can stop him? Enter Gabi, an awkward middle school student, who, armed with clean energy and sustainable choices, transforms into the
Green Hero. But will her actions be enough to stop Captain Carbon before
it’s too late? Created by the writers of Austin the Unstoppable, this fun, upbeat musical comedy will present the seriousness of climate change and the positive choices each of us can make to assure a sustainable future.

Austin the Unstoppable

a new musical comedy

Thursday, April 2, 2015 - 10:00am and 12:00pm

Reigning master of the X-box and junk food junkie, eleven-year-old Austin must facethe long-term consequences of an unhealthy lifestyle when he learns his mother has contracted Type II Diabetes. In partnership with ShapingNJ, this new musical comedy explores the challenges of one family learning how to make healthy choices together.

This fun, upbeat musical engages students in the benefits of a healthy diet and exercise by celebrating how positive change can occur through the power of love, hard work and support.

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